Built with care.


What is our business?

We design and build contemporary styled homes in Canada. Our process and approach is simple, get to know what our clients want in their new home and bring that to reality. We do this by paying keen attention to detail, placing a high degree of importance on design, and managing our construction activities to ensure we produce a quality home on budget and schedule.


Why should you choose Happy Planet Homes?


The team at Happy Planet Homes has a combined experience of over 14 years in development projects. With a talented team, paying keen attention to detail, and lean operational practices we have enabled to consistently exceed our customer's expectations.

Our residential projects include single-family and multi-family projects across western Canada.  Our goal is simple, we aim to build homes for the present and future. Our focus to design contemporary styled homes integrated with smart technology. By using our expertise in construction and project management,  we continuously deliver high quality, cost effective and beautiful homes. Our core principle is focused on customer service. Everyday we strive to ensure our customer's concerns are met, and implement appropriate actions to ensure our customer's remain satisfied. 


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